As well as being installers we like to give out advice to anyone who needs it whether your installing it for your self or getting the professional to do it. There are many things you need to no if you are going down either >>>>

Free |Vs Buying

You have to decided on whether you want to buy them or get them free. Free means someone else is paying for it and getting all the benefit.. Free doesn't always means best if its to good to be true then it usually is. If its free you are usually tied in for 25 years.and you only get 50% of your electricity paid for, not great is it? Well the best way in our opinion is invest your money wisely . Put your money in a long term savings plan like solar panels and the government will pay you a guaranteed sum  >>

If your buying it you are looking at a good investment. Which will go inline with inflation.

Solar Panels for your home. We are based in Plymouth covering the Devon and Cornwall. So for Solar Panels Devon or Solar Panels Cornwall please give us a call for a free no obligation quote. Get in before the Tariff changes again soon. Why not invest in Solar Pv for domestic or comercial premises. Solar Pv is still one of the best ways in which to invest in your future. Even on a overcast day, you’ll be making your own electricity. The new government backed feed in tarrif will pay you, tax free, for all the electricity that you produce from your Solar PV for

20 years. Why? Because you’ll be helping to meet the UK’s CO2 emission targets. You can use any electricity that you produce, giving 50% savings on your electricity bill. You’ll also be paid extra for anything you don’t use that goes into the grid.

We are a specialist installer of solar Panels in the UK. All of our installations are certified in accordance with government regulations. With energy costs on the rise, why not let us help you take control of your power production and put money in your pocket?

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