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As well as being installers we like to give out advice to anyone who needs it whether your installing it for your self or getting the professional to do it. There are many things you need to no if you are going down either >>>>

Fits are index linked

Government review on Feed in Tarriffs

Feed in Tarriffs

Feed in tarriffs set to change in April 12 not for the better but if you have already had your installed or getting it before>>>

Quick get on the band wagon and get an investment fixed by the government for years but are you eligible >>>

Ive  got the info now what do I do next >>>

Feed investment

Index linked set for 25 years sounds to good to be true

How the Tariffs work

Feed-In Tariffs are paid for renewable electricity produced, plus a bonus for power exported

The Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity generated by a renewable energy system which is used in the property. There is also an additional bonus for any energy produced which is exported to the electricity grid. This means you get paid more for the energy you don't use than for that which you do which encourages energy efficiency.

At times when you are producing less electricity than you are using, the shortfall will be imported from the grid and you will pay your electricity company for this in the usual way.

The Feed-In Tariffs therefore give you three separate financial benefits:

A generation tariff payment, which is based on the total electricity generated and the energy type

An export tariff payment, which is for any energy exports made when generating more than you use

Lower bills from your supplier for the electricity you import from them

Feed in tarriffs or aka fits.  

The tariffs are payments to anyone who owns a renewable electricity system, for every kilowatt hour they generate. They are applicable to households, businesses and, indeed, virtually any property owner.