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As well as being installers we like to give out advice to anyone who needs it whether your installing it for your self or getting the professional to do it. There are many things you need to no if you are going down either >>>>

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Simple advice on how to start getting the benefits of the Feed-In Tariffs

The advantages of installing your own renewable energy system and benefitting from the Feed-In Tariffs are numerous.

But many people are put off getting started as they're not familiar with the technologies and not sure what is the best system to install.

Three simple steps:

1. Seek expert advice

You should seek a renewable energy company that both understands what the right energy options are for your property AND how to maximise your financial return from the Feed-In Tariffs

2. Find a capable supplier

If the system is sub 50kW, this means that the installer must be MCS certified and the products they use must also be MCS certified as well. All MCS installers also have to be registered with the REAL Code. REAL publishes a useful register of members which you can sort by technology (i.e. what sort of equipment you want) and region (though many claim to be active all over the country).

For domestic solar PV and wind turbine installations, we have teamed up with British Eco, a nationwide installer, who we recommend you contact if you have an installation enquiry - British Eco customer enquiry form.

If you are a landowner, farmer or are interested in developing a solar park, then we recommend that you speak with our parent company, Ownergy (see

For any other enquiry, we suggest you find a certified installer local to your area. A list of installers can be found on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme website.

3. Get registered for the Feed-In Tariffs

Your installer should be able to help you with this process.